Monday, January 29, 2007

All Good Things

All good things must unfold in wonderful ways.

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"Don Juan went on explaining that the moment one crosses a particular threshold in infinity, either deliberately or, as in my case, unwittingly, everything that happens to one from then on is no longer exclusively in one's own domain, but enters in the realm of infinity." The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda

This blog represents Infinite being.

Infinite Being is a collection of stories, experiences, expressions, ideas that is and never personalised. I am simply the instrument expressing these ideas. They don't belong to me, nor do they belong to anyone. On the other hand, the ideas belong to everyone.

Freedom is, therefore, the willingness to engage with an experience without possessing it or making it personal, just let it be in its own way.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Things are constantly changing. People come and go. You're watching your favourite film and enjoying it and before you know it, it's the end. You're reading your favourite book and before you know it, it's finished. Why can't we enjoy what we love forever? Why do things have to end?

Do all experiences have a beginning and end or do they appear that way?

When I listen to a song it starts off with silence, then the music comes on and plays until it tails off and I'm left with silence. If things start and end in silence this means that silence is the only continuity there is.

Silence is, always has been, and always will be. Silence is in all things. Because silence is in all experiences and in all things, silence is all there is. Since silence is all there is there can be no beginning or end.

When I'm listening to music I see it as silence transmuting itself into harmonies that sound like music and then back into silence. The music is still playing but as silence. This means music never ends.

Love never ends;
Power never ends;
Peace never ends;
Joy never ends;
Wisdom never ends;
Light never ends;
Abundance never ends;
Goodness never ends;
Happiness never ends;
Comfort never ends;
Friendship never end;
Fulfilment never ends;
Beauty never ends;
Perfection never ends;
Life never ends.

How do you make that which never ends into a physical reality? I'm reminded of what a friend said to me recently: "I like chips (fries) but I wouldn't want to have them every single day." The point is to know that whatever you love is always available whether you choose to have it or not.

All good is available now.

I am silence.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Religion and Spirituality

Yesterday, I chatted to this lovely gentleman. He asked me what kind of stuff I write about and I said spirituality.

"You mean religion?"
"No, I don't follow any particular religion, I simply believe in God."

He couldn't understand how I could believe in God and not be religious.

I believe God is all there is.

God is Love is Wisdom is Power is Light is Bliss is Joy is Freedom is Spirit is Energy is Beauty is All There Is.

God is in all things including all religions.

It is God's allness that I write about.

I do not follow any religion, I am a practising spirit.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Intention to Love and Be Love

The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shakin' hands, sayin' "How do you do?"
They're really saying "I love you" What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstong
All is Love. This means despite appearances, it is our function to love; it is the intention of all there is to act with love and to be love.

Everything and everywhere is radiating love. This means I'm constantly receiving love every moment. It may not always seem that way as appearances can seem to get in the way. For instance, when I'm reading someone's experience shared on a forum, it doesn't always resonate. It's as if the words, concepts or doctrines are blocking what the writer is wishing to express. Instead of dismissing the writing as irrelevant, I realise the one love behind the writer. In other words, the writer is saying "I love you," which I gladly receive.

A while back in the library, I offered to assist this man who was trying to log on to the Internet. I told him he needed to register with the librarian who would log him in. The man was really hostile and he swore at me. That was a huge shock to my system. The manager of the library came up to me and apologised on the man's behalf. She told me not to take his attack personally as the man wasn't all there. The next time I was the library I noticed he was back and being hostile to someone else. His favourite way of intimidating people was to stand behind them and glare at them. The librarians advised users to ignore him. People got used to his behaviour and got on with their work.

One day, while I was working on the Internet, he came and stood behind me. I decided it was time to teach him a lesson he would never forget. I felt God's presence within him and imagined rays of love radiating from him to me; and I received his love with gratitude. After a few minutes he moved away and went to sit down. Later, our eyes met and he actually grinned at me. Wow! I'd never seen him smile before let alone grin. Nice grin you've got there, God!

What I was doing with the man in the library was reminding him that despite appearances, the reason he was standing behind me was to express his love and I was happy to receive his love. After all, since there is only Love, every moment Love is saying "I love you."

Does this mean the man's behaviour completely changed? Yes and no. Yes, he never behaved the way he used to with me; he tends to avoid me. On the other hand, he still continues to glare at people and intimidate those who feel he is intimidating, while the library staff continue to ignore him.

I used to experience what I would refer to as psychic attacks. Thoughts of anger and hate used to feel as if I was having darts thrown at me and it's not a pleasant feeling. I knew when someone was having a not so nice thought about me by the feeling of pins and needles around my throat. Another way to look at psychic attack is it demonstrates a divided mind. Where there is only one there is no other to launch an attack at; but when you see the universe as split into many conflicting parts, you may experience this conflict in the form of attacks resulting in physical or emotional pain. The worst form of attack I've ever experienced happened one night while I was sleeping. I woke up feeling a "hand" on my throat trying to strangle me. As I was fighting for dear life, I thought of a line in the Bible.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." Psalm 23: 4
The "hand" immediately left my throat.

The way I've been dealing with attacks is to realise that there is only the one Love. I tend not to think of personalities because I end up feeling their thoughts which are not always pleasant. I prefer feeling the essence of everyone as Spirit. Last night I woke up and felt pins and needles around the throat. I thought "Whatever thought I'm picking up, your intention is to love." The pain immediately vanished.

I have noticed when I read newspapers with the intention to see love and be love, I tend to see love and harmony behind the stories. Otherwise, the news is filled with propaganda, spin, dogma and rhetoric.

The intention of all forms, all experiences, all life is to be who they really are - love. Sometimes, people forget that there is only one love and think thoughts of separation. I can help by constantly remembering the intention to love.

My intention is to love and be love.


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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last night, I watched a documentary on television called Trust Me I'm a Healer. In this episode called "Mr and Mrs Healer", a man called Ray Brown claimed to be channelling the spirit of St Paul of Tarsus; Paul wrote most of the epistles in the New Testament of the Bible.

Funnily enough, the day before, I was reading about Paul's "thorn in his flesh" that he couldn't get rid of. He didn't say what the thorn in his flesh was but he claimed it was a reminder that he lived by Grace. (see 2 Corinthians 12: 7-12) So it was interesting to watch a documentary the very next day about someone who claimed to be channelling the same Paul. Perhaps, I was channelling Paul.

St Paul works through Ray to heal patients. Ray said it's like going into a trance with your eyes open. Ray said he dies every time Paul takes over his body, and he has no memory of what Paul has been doing. Ray keeps his healing separate from his family. His daughter, Sophie, from his previous marriage, said she doesn't know much about his work but has heard of Paul healing people. At one point, Sophie met and spoke to Paul in form. According to Paul, the last time he saw her was when she was very young. Sophie said while the man she was speaking to looked like her dad, he was definitely not her father.

It's all very well having Paul take over Ray's body and work through him to heal others, but what about Ray? Doesn't Ray care about his own spiritual journey? Has he simply resigned himself to the fact that he's here for a short while and he might as well let Paul heal through him? Ray said Paul's presence has helped transform his life. Each to their own.

What is channelling anyway? It is communicating of information. It seems to me that we're always channelling, we simply call it by different names. When I'm getting information from the Internet, I'm channelling but in IT speak it's called downloading. When I have ideas to write an article, I'm channelling but in literary speak it's called inspiration. When I'm being entertained by television I'm channelling but it's called watching telly. Is this why TV channels are called channels, I wonder? When I'm tuning into myself it's channelling but it's popularly known as intuition. When I'm tuning into someone's thoughts in human form or otherwise, I'm channelling but it's called telepathy or mediumship.

Within "spiritual circles" every man and his dog is channelling one entity or another from angels, gurus, masters, guides, ETs, and all sorts. If it's all Love and we are Love, isn't it possible what you're channelling is coming from yourself? It's as if people are scared to admit that they could possibly be a storehouse of wisdom and love. They would rather attribute the channelled material to someone else, a deceased pet even, than admit that the idea can possibly come from them. Others might argue that they want to be sure what they're channelling is not coming from the ego. If you're so scared why not go for broke and channel God? After all, all the mystics have taught that we all have God within us. Even the channelling master, Edgar Cayce has said the ultimate form of channelling is Channelling your Higher Self.

In the book Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan, talks about the core star which is the "inner Divine Core that is our connection to the Eternal Divine." In other words, while there is only One in all, each of us is the One; and it is through the "core star" that we experience who we are. As you are being the One that is you, you're automatically united with the One in all. Put another way, the easiest way to be in unity with all is to be yourself.

As babies we are full of joy because we're channelling our true selves. Bit by bit society chips away at who we are being and before you know it, you're a shadow of your real self, too frightened to speak your truth lest you're seen as rising above your station. There is always the odd exception to the rule, however.

Last week while I was in the children's section in the library, I chatted to a librarian. He's always so full of joy. He asked me what I was doing in the children's section. I told him my latest quest was to read all the Tintin books. I read all of them as a child but I would like to read them again. He teased me about reading children's books. He said he wasn't a great reader, he prefers fixing things; his brother is the reader in the family. He's recently graduated from University with a First Class Honours in IT. He said his brother studied English. He said he's happy to have found his path in life and loves what he's doing. He said it's a shame children are not encouraged to study what they love. He said when someone has an IT problem he can instantly "see" different scenarios and knows exactly what to do. I told him I feel the same way about writing. I receive ideas complete in themselves. We are both seeing the universe from our unique standpoints. No wonder he's so happy, he's being true to himself.

Until people trust in who they are, they will always look to another to channel a teacher of master on their behalf, which is fair enough.

When I'm channelling myself, then and only then am I being true to myself. From all the emails I'm receiving from people who read my blogs, it looks like I'm inspiring others to be true to themselves; which has to be a good thing.

I am who I am.


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Monday, January 22, 2007

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Over the last week there has been a furore in the media caused by events in the "Celebrity Big Brother" household, where a group of celebrities had allegedly bullied an Indian celebrity. Thousands of viewers interpreted their actions as racist. Before you know it, politicians were on the bandwagon and it had now become an international affair. One day one of the women involved, who was seen as the ringleader, apologised to the Indian celebrity and they kissed and made up. The next day the "ringleader" was evicted from the house. During her exit interview, she expressed how disgusted she was with herself for behaving the way she did. She also insisted that her actions weren't racist.

As I'm writing this, the debate still continues in the media. Obviously it's in the media's interest to keep it going as long as possible. I'm also jumping on the bandwagon because I believe the issue is not about racism or bullying but about love of self.

I'm sure most of us have said and done awful things to one another. When you feel like shit you're going to act and think like shit, regardless of how the law or society says you should behave. So instead of pointing a finger at others, I would rather use this opportunity to love, as they are all aspects of self.

I'm grateful to everyone involved to have raised this issue. My love to everyone involved including the celebrities in "Big Brother", the television channel involved, the media, media audience and everyone.

I love you all.


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Clean Slate

Yesterday I watched the Top 100 Boy Band Songs on VH1. One of the songs on the chart was "As Long as You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys. The chorus goes:

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me Lyrics
Won't it be wonderful if we all experienced life this way? It doesn't matter what you've done, it doesn't matter who you are, only love matters. That's what I call clean slate.

In case anyone's wondering, the top song was "Pray" by my favourite boy band of all time, Take That.

To all the boy bands out there - it doesn't matter what rubbish songs you've produced in the past, I love you all.


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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Love's On the Case

Someone said to me that the weather forecasters are predicting cold weather next week. I didn't say anything. I simply nodded.

In thought I realised the truth of Love's presence. Since Love is present in all time, Love is already on the case. How Love is made manifest is none of my concern.

Love is yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Love is here, there, everywhere.
Love is all time and all space.


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Grace Revisited

The following was previously posted at my other blog Home Sweet Home!.



I believe while there is only one Love there are different expressions of that Love.

There is Love that is acceptance. You can accept someone for who he is without agreeing with his behaviour. You know he is expressing himself based on what he knows or believes. And while you accept others as they are, you also accept yourself just as you are because you know you're always doing the best you can at any given moment. In this respect, acceptance is recognising that every moment is perfect.

There is a Love that chastens. This Love is constantly teaching you the truth of reality and corrects you when you're off-track. In other words, Love makes you see things as they are, not as you've been programmed they are.

There is a Love that I can only refer to as Grace. Let's look at what the scriptures have to say about Grace:

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the Pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good as long as you live so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." (Psalm Psalm 103: 3-5)
Grace is not concerned with healing you when you've understood truth, nor is She bothered about correction. Grace loves you whether you think you're deserving or not. Grace loves you whether you know of Her presence or not. Grace is acceptance and then some.

Now Grace is not some lovely idea that one can confine to the realm of the divine; we all know about and practise Grace from time to time. For instance, when I was hit by a car as a child, it was Grace in action that got me to the hospital. If there wasn't Grace, I would have been left on the street because it was my fault for not checking behind the stationary van before crossing the road.

The last time I saw someone involved in a car accident, I witnessed Grace in action. A few of us saw this elderly woman lying on the ground in a hit-and-run accident. Grace as a man called the ambulance on his mobile phone. Grace as another man ran to the local post office to ask for a blanket so we could cover the woman. Grace as another man went to the local pharmacist to get some bandage. Grace as myself held the woman's hand and prayed. Grace as the police arrived and directed the traffic. Grace as the paramedic team arrived to take care of the woman. When no one could understand what the injured woman was saying, Grace arrived as two men who could speak her language and were able to interpret on her behalf. This is a demonstration of Grace. Grace doesn't care what you've been doing before, nor does She care what beliefs you have. Grace is only bothered about loving in every moment.

Of course, the Love that chastens does have its place. That kind of Love is like being aware of the traffic code so you know how to cross the road so you don't get run over; and you learn to check behind a stationary vehicle before crossing. The problem with learning is that you're likely get stuck into believing life is about demonstrating the truth you've learned. Grace is beyond all concepts of Truth. Grace is Love that is endlessly pouring Love. You never know how this Love is going to unfold, just trust in it.

Incidentally, I received an email from a friend today, which my friend has given me permission to post:

"Yesterday I had a nice dream. In the dream, I felt abundance of cosmic energy (love) flowing into my heart and I realized that I was able to access the power. I wanted to test the power, so I took the broken flute. As soon as I touched it, it became perfect and wonderful flute. When I woke up in the morning, I was very fresh and I tried to do something which I tried in the dream and nothing happened. hahahahaa!"
My friend is talking about Grace, Infinite love that is constantly flowing in every moment. However, while Grace is cosmic energy, how It is manifested takes limitless forms.

This was my response to my friend's email:

"As for the dream, of course you are always connected to Love. You are Love. Just because your flute doesn't seem to have been fixed doesn't mean it isn't. Just trust in Love.

"Years ago, my laptop broke down. It came up with an error message and no matter what I typed it wouldn't recognise it. Before that, I'd been thinking that I was sick of the laptop and wanted a new one and new software. But I couldn't sell it because I didn't think I would get anything for it. I prayed for it to work but it didn't. I left it alone and borrowed a laptop from a friend. After a few days that laptop stopped working. My friend said she would take her laptop to her dad to fix it. I asked her if she could take mine as well just in case. Her dad was able to change the hard drive in my laptop which he said had conked out. It turned out he had one spare which he gave me. He then downloaded free software. So in a long-winded way I did get what I was seeking - new software.

"Never underestimate the power of love. Just because you're not aware of something doesn't mean it's not working."
ace takes care of our needs in Her own way. All we need to do is trust in Her and She never lets us down. Only when we believe we have to demonstrate what we understand do we hold back our good. Even so, Grace is constantly pouring love our way no matter what, even if your laptop has to be taken round the houses to get it sorted.

So we can continue to learn about the law, the rules and regulations, or we can step into Grace. When you walk in Grace there's no need to think about cars because the roads will always be clear when you need to cross it. Even if the roads are not clear, you might find yourself across the road and not know how you got there. I remember once I crossed the road thinking the cars had stopped. I "woke up" and realised the traffic was moving at a normal pace. At that moment I had experienced a simultaneous dimension - where two events are happening at the same time and in the same space.

Grace is right here and now. But if you're too busy learning how to cross the road you miss walking in Grace.

I walk in Grace.
I am Grace.


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