Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All is Mind

"For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring." Acts 17: 28
Over the years I've been sharing on the Internet insights I receive during my bus travels. I now want to make it clear that though I seem to be travelling by bus, the truth is I am having journeys in Mind.

What do I mean by journeys in Mind?

All is Mind. All that we're being as in walking, talking, working or whatever is occurring in Mind. God is Mind. Put another way, all experiences are the Infinite Mind/God expressing self. As Paul puts it in the scriptures, "in him [Mind] we live, and move, and have our being."

Years ago I went on holidays to America and visited Baltimore and Dallas. Coming from a culture where anyone can travel on buses, I presumed it was the same in America. My friend, who lived in Baltimore, agreed to take me on the bus but made it very clear to me that the system wasn't like the UK. I got the impression it was frowned upon to travel by bus. In Dallas I was driven everywhere. I understand from an American friend that people get tax dispensations for the cars they drive; only a certain class of people travel by bus.

In London people are encouraged to travel by public transport regardless of one's financial status. Those who drive into town are penalised with hefty parking fees and congestion charges, which I understand is being extended next year to cover a wider area of London. London has excellent transport facilities so there is no need to drive, which suits me fine as I don't drive anyway.

That's one way of looking at this.

When we apply the principle of "all is Mind" to the transport systems in America and the UK we can see that Mind is expressing Self in unique ways. Therefore, both countries have transport systems that match their appropriate beliefs and lifestyles. I'm sure there are people who travel on buses in America who pay no attention to the "agreed upon definitions."

Since "all is Mind" does this mean that I was destined to live in the UK?

Though it appears as if my parents had me without forethought, a lot of God/Mind planning did go into it. My parents could very easily have been living in Sierra Leone but they came to London to study and had me and my brothers. When my parents separated and we went to live in Freetown, I had already been certified a British citizen which made it very easy to return to and live in the UK. With a British passport I can travel to most countries very easily. I speak English, which most people speak.

This means that Mind expressing as who I am required that I was born into the family I was and raised in the culture I was raised in. I am in London because this is the right place that suits who I am being. Travelling on buses and sharing the insights I receive are all part of the unfolding of Mind.

I am where I need to be in Mind.
We are all where we need to be in Mind.


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