Friday, November 10, 2006

Can You Fix It, God?

"Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians, chapter 5: 17-18
Do you believe life comes in two categories: things you can handle by yourself and things God can help you with?

In the living room, the light shade on the ceiling holds three light bulbs. A while back two of the bulbs blew and mum asked me to change them. The problem with the way they've been fitted you can't see what you're doing; you have to feel your way around it. I could only fit in one so we had to make do with two light bulbs instead. It never occurred to me to pray. Why would I pray about a light bulb? God has better things to do than help me fix a light bulb! A month ago another bulb blew. This time instead of fiddling with it, I asked God to fit it then I had a go. It went in easily. Then I had a brainwave: why not ask God to fit the other light bulb I couldn't fit in the last time? I did and it also went in effortlessly. It was wonderful to have all three light bulbs in working order, and it made the living room extra bright.

Three nights ago I said to my mother that the lights in the living room were getting dimmer. She said it was probably because we'd got used to them. The next evening when I went home I noticed there were only two bulbs on.

"What's wrong with that bulb?" I asked my mother.
"When I put the light on it kept flickering and then it went off."
"It can't have blown already!" I said. "I only changed it last month!"
"I don't know what happened to it," mum said. "I'm thinking of changing the light shade anyway as it's more trouble than it's worth."
"Hmmm! It's funny how last night I said the lights were getting dimmer and now they are."
"Yes, I noticed."

I looked up at the light bulb. In thought I said, "OK light bulb, you've had your fun. You do realise I was only making an observation not how I wanted things to be. Please come back on." Nothing happened. Well, when you've made a mess there is only one thing to do - ask God to fix it. So I thought "God please make the light bulb come back on. Thank you." Nothing happened. Oh well, at least I did ask.

Yesterday when I went home I noticed all three light bulbs were on. My mother said when she turned the light on the other bulb came back on and it's been working fine. Nice one, God!

A few years back there was a song on the music charts called Bob the Builder The chorus goes:

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it
Bob the Builder
Yes, we can
I reckon the song really is about God:

God the Builder
Can You fix it
God the Builder
Yes, I can
Dear God, if I ever forget to ask you for help, will you please remind me to ask you for help in all things? Thanks in advance. Amen.


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