Friday, November 24, 2006


I have observed many roadworks being carried out at the moment causing huge amounts of traffic on the roads. I've often wondered why.

On the main road near where I live they've been doing some roadworks. Earlier today I asked a worker why they were digging the road. He said they were putting up barriers on the side to prevent people from crossing the road.

"Are you telling me I can no longer jaywalk?"
"How else am I going to jaywalk if I can't do it here?"
"You could always climb over the barrier?" he said.
"Well, thanks a lot," I said, "for ruining my day!"

What's the big idea putting up a barrier right on that spot? I bet they think they're doing it for our own good. I know I've nearly been run over by a bus, of all things, while I was jaywalking on the same spot. (That was a close one; I've never moved so fast in my life). That is not the issue at all. What about my freewill? I want to be free to jaywalk as and when I please.

Bloody do-gooders!


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