Monday, November 13, 2006

Freedom is Being the Love that I Am

Have you ever noticed dogs fighting for no reason at all? At least that's what it looks like to me. One minute the dog is perfectly fine and the next he's about to tear another dog apart or a human. It's like a kind of madness takes over and the dog is compelled to act in an aggressive manner that is unlike its true nature.

Two days ago I read a friend's post at a forum about how his flatmate had been attacked. By the way, I don't buy into the notion of "It's your thoughts, beliefs or emotions that got you into that state." No one asks to be attacked. I simply sent love to everyone concerned.

Later that evening I accompanied a friend who was picking up some groceries at the local supermarket. When we came out of the store, my friend noticed another friend of hers and she went over to speak to her. The lady told us her purse had been stolen. She showed us how she had her bag underneath her cardigan and yet whoever it was had managed to get into her bag and taken her purse. She had £30 in her purse; for her that is a lot of money as she's not working. Fortunately, the bank was still open and she was able to ask them for some money. I could see she was still very shaken and upset. I touched her arm and told her how sorry I was.

A slight digression. My friend and I have this running joke where she's always teasing me about how I see love as the answer for everything. She doesn't share my belief, nor do I think she's ever read my blogs for that matter, but she says she enjoys being with me.

"Enocia writes blogs about love, you know," my friend chuckled. "So when she touched your arm she was probably giving you love."

"Really?" the woman said. "Thank you. I'm giving you love too."

After I left my friend I headed into town. On one bus I was on, four young Asian guys, which in the UK refers to people of Indian Sub-continent origin, sat in front of me. They were all dressed in hoodies. One guy had music blaring away on his mobile and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Suddenly I heard a commotion behind me. Another young man was having an argument with a young black guy. The four young Asians in front of me got up and moved to the back of the bus. I realised the other young man, who was also Asian, was part of their posse.

The gist of the argument was the young Asian wanted to sit next to the black guy's wife, who was white. The black guy was telling the Asian that he was being disrespectful.

"She's my wife, blood," he said. "I put my ring on her finger and it's not on, blood, for you to sit next to her."

The young Asian wanted to have a fight. He took off his belt and told the black guy to get off the bus so they could fight for his wife. It seemed to me that the Asian was only trying to show off in front of his posse. The black guy said he didn't want to fight.

In the meantime, I realised God's presence in the bus and remained in silence. At the next stop the five young men got off the bus, though the Asian guy made it very clear to the black guy that he was lucky he hadn't wanted to take it further.

Then yesterday my mother went shopping. I was at home doing my washing. When she returned, in jest, I asked her what had taken her all that way to the supermarket. But she got angry and said she didn't like the way I was speaking to her. So I left her to it and watched Startrek Voyager on television instead.

Later in the evening I noticed I was getting tunnel vision. I went to lie down while realising God allness. My eyesight soon cleared but I had a headache. Even though I knew God was all there is, the headache was trying to get all my attention. At one point the attack was so painful I thought of getting some tablets, which I haven't taken in years. I had a thought to be in silence. I could feel the silence melting the pain but it wasn't going to let go that easily. I had a feeling of nausea and as if I was getting stomach upset. I was also feeling terribly hot as if it was the middle of summer. I focused on God until eventually the nausea and stomach upset left me and I stopped feeling hot. Then I went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I still felt a slight headache. Then I had an insight about the notion of oneness.

We talk about experiencing oneness but do we realise what that means? If oneness means that we are all experiencing the universal energy in whatever form it takes, then surely that means that we experience the "good" and the "bad"? When there is a thought in consciousness about attack, and there is a lot, then you may pick it up and experience it in your own way. When you pick up on thoughts about love, then you all experience it too. Remember this thought is impersonal. Who wants to live like that? You never know when you're going to get involved in some form of attack. There is another way.

As I was resting in bed this morning I was reminded of a realisation of true oneness.

"When a soul is out of the cocoon of the three bodies it escapes forever from the law of relativity and becomes the ineffable Ever-Existent. Behold the butterfly of Omnipresence, its wings etched with stars and moons and suns! The soul expanded into Spirit remains alone in the region of lightless light, darkless dark, thoughtless thought, intoxicated with its ecstasy of joy in God's dream of cosmic creation."

"A free soul!" I ejaculated in awe.

"When a soul finally gets out of the three jars of bodily delusions," Master continued, "it becomes one with the Infinite without any loss of individuality. Christ had won this final freedom even before he was born as Jesus. In three stages of his past, symbolized in his earth-life as the three days of his experience of death and resurrection, he had attained the power to fully arise in Spirit." Chapter 43: The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar
I am One at the same time I am an individual. Therefore, I am the Love that I am in my own unique way. I call this Love, Vector8. So instead of being tossed from pillar to post by man's conflicting ideas of oneness, I can simply be the One Love that I am in my own unique way.

I closed my eyes and felt all my being as Love and then projected love everywhere into infinity. I rested in Love. When I got up I noticed the headache had dissolved. I went to the bathroom and got ready. My mother asked me if I felt well enough to go out and I said I had work to do. I was perfectly fine. I am perfectly fine.

Freedom from the thoughts of man is being the Love that I am.


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