Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Function

A cup has only one function, to be a cup. But a cup can only realise its function when it has liquid in it. Otherwise, it is not expressing its true purpose.

God is the cup and God is the liquid that fills the cup, which gives the cup its purpose.

In the same way, I am an instrument of God. Only when I am full of God-liquid do I realise my function.

What do I mean by function?

I'm not referring to purpose in the human sense but my eternal purpose or function that is the same forever.

You see a rose is made up of love and yet a rose is always a rose. Similarly, I am Infinite Being and yet unique in my expression of Infinity. Therefore, no matter what form I take, whatever I express will always have my own unique cosmic fingerprint on it.

What is my function?

To be myself, naturally.

I AM Who I AM.


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