Wednesday, November 22, 2006

God Is

"For I am the LORD, I change not." Malachi 3: 6
While I believe God is ever present with us in trouble, I don't believe He wallows with us in the mire. Instead, God is right there with us holding the vision of who we are and how things really are. For instance, if you're feeling depressed, God does not, nor can He, get depressed with you but God holds the vision of the real You as joy until you're ready to be this joy for real.

I have written elsewhere that after I had seen many therapists about a persistent pain I had on one knee, I finally turned to God for help. I was shown a vision of myself running. Although I was sceptical, the vision was soon realised. And no, I did not visualise myself running, I was shown a vision.

In truth, the vision that God holds for all is who He is as love, power, perfection, innocence, purity, joy, peace, truth, goodness, wholeness, beauty, freedom, light to name but a few attributes. No matter what the situation is, no matter what our beliefs or behaviour, God can never stop being who He is; and God is who we all are in reality.

Last night my bus took ages to arrive and it was also a very cold evening. All I knew was God is. I also stayed in silence. I've noticed that when I'm in silence I stop feeling cold. Being cold is a state of mind, a thought form, and when you're not thinking there is no thought form to experience.

When my bus arrived one passenger asked the driver why he'd taken so long. A few stops down a man got on and he was talking to himself. He sat facing me. A few stops down other passengers got on. The driver switched the bus engine off. A few passengers asked the driver what was wrong. He said two passengers had got on without a ticket and he'd called the police. The man who was facing me blew his top at the driver. He said he'd been waiting for the bus for over an hour and instead of the driver doing his job he was now keeping all of us waiting. Several passengers got on the driver's case and suggested he simply ask the passengers who had got on without a ticket to get off and stop punishing the rest of the passengers.

I refused to get involved; all I knew was God is. I observed the passengers who had got on without a ticket get off. I observed passengers convincing the driver to continue the journey. I observed the two passengers without a ticket trying to get back on. I observed passengers telling them to get off and stop holding the bus. Finally we were off. I observed the driver cancelling the call to the police. I observed the man who had been angry earlier now sitting calmly in his seat. Just as I was getting off he glanced at me.

"Take care," I said to him.
"Thanks, sweetheart," he said.

In the world things happen for whatever reason they do. The only thing that matters to me is holding fast to the unchanging truth: God is.


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