Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Playing It Stupid

Last night I watched a programme on television called The Big Idea about inventors competing to win £100,000. Every week inventors try to convince panellists that their invention is worthy of getting to the final and being voted The Big Idea.

Big idea? What big idea? There are infinite ideas floating around waiting to be expressed. In fact, the moment you ask a question the answer is already available. Put another way, question and answer always arise as one.

Will you stop being such a spoilsport? Where's the fun when everyone has equal access to answers? Who is going to be the boss and workers? Who is going to exploit whom? This simply won't do and we'll hear no more of this ridiculous idea, OK?

OK, you win! Let's all play the game of Playing it Stupid. In this game, only a few people are capable of getting answers. They are popularly called teachers but in this piece they are referred to as inventors.

So an inventor comes up with a brilliant idea to achieve something. The problem is sometimes other inventors come up with the same idea, which is not surprising as ideas are two a penny anyway. The race is now on to prevent someone from "plagiarising" your idea. It is time to get your invention patented. You are now looking for financial backing to mass-produce your invention or else it's dead in the water. Bear in mind that your investor is not backing you because he believes in "your" idea, he's only interested in making lots of profit.

That's the game of Playing it Stupid, in some games you win some and you lose some. In other games such as The Big Idea, the winner takes all, naturally.

Is the world ready for a reality where everyone's a winner? Don't be stupid!


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