Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sharing the Joy; Being in Joy

The trick to always being in joy is sharing the joy that I am and the joy that I have.

Mum bought a packet of mints the other day and said I could help myself to them. I see the mints as tiny pieces of joy. I've been taking some with me but instead of gorging on all of them I've been sharing them with people I come across. For instance, yesterday I had five in my pocket. I had one, gave three away, and kept the other in my pocket. Instead of just having one joy, my joy was now magnified by four.

And when I got home I shared the joy with my mother by telling her how people had enjoyed the mints. She was really pleased to hear this and told me to take more to share.

A few weeks back my mother asked me to buy some sausages for her at a shop that specialises in sausages. While I was there I picked up a price list. On my way home on the bus, a woman sat next to me. I teased her about carrying such a huge umbrella. Then I asked her something that surprised her.

"Do you like sausages?"
"Yes, I do actually."
"Have you heard of the sausage shop?"

She hadn't heard of it. I told her where it was and how they did wonderful sausages for real fans of sausages, which my mother is. My friend said she was a huge fan and would love to check it out. I gave her the price list. She thanked me for bringing the shop to her attention. Me, I was simply magnifying my joy.

The other day I saw a lady that lives in our neighbourhood. She was carrying a heavy bag at the time and I offered to carry it for her. I had recently been to the Stephen Wiltshire gallery where I had picked up a business card. I asked my friend if she was into art. She said she didn't know anything about art but her daughter was interested. I handed her the card to give to her daughter. When we said goodbye she said "God bless you." I heard it as "God magnify your joy!"

And you know what's fun about giving joy? The more joy I give the more I am being joy. And joy is a wonderful state of being. Joy makes me look young; joy gives me strength; joy lifts me up; and joy magnifies what I have so I can share and be in even more joy.

I love sharing joy, don't you?


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