Friday, December 22, 2006

The Almighty at Work

Sometimes, to paraphrase Robert Burns, the best laid plans can cause one nothing but grief. This is why I believe in going with the flow.

My friend and I have just finished working in the library. As she only lives local, I'm walking with her as far as her house then heading off into town. She decides to stop off at a local internet cafe for a few minutes. Just as I am saying goodbye she invites me to have dinner at her house. It's so spontaneous I don't have time to think, so I accept her invitation

My friend's sister is sixteen today. She plans to see her later this evening. She figures while she's waiting for her sister to call her, she will make us something to eat. By the time we've finished eating it will be time to visit her sister's. I intend to watch the film, Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey. I haven't seen it before and have a feeling it's going to be well worth watching. I'm hoping to get home on time to see it.

My friend has prepared some stir fried chicken and rice which I thoroughly enjoy; I'm dead impressed that she's made her own apple pie, which is delicious. We drink some wine, have fun chatting about life in general, and watch television. Her sister telephones to say she's still out celebrating her birthday and by the time she gets home it will be too late to see her. They arrange to meet up the next day. My friend tells me I'm welcome to watch the movie at her place.

Just as I expected, Bruce Almighty is hilarious. After Bruce has been complaining to God, God gives him almighty powers to teach him a lesson. At first Bruce is enjoying using his powers until he starts hearing voices in his head. He soon realises they are prayers. Bruce can't handle the prayer requests so he decides to give everyone what they want. Hundreds of thousands of people in the local town win the lottery, each receiving a grand total of $17, which causes a riot. It's well worth seeing.

At home, my mother is watching a documentary about animals giving birth. Funnily enough I was working on an article where I was going to use child birth as a metaphor but for some reason it was proving to be hard labour so I left it in draft. I see the Universe wants me to have more information before finishing off the piece.

I believe ideas are constantly seeking to be expressed by the Almighty All There Is. Instead of having fixed ideas about how they should be made manifest, the trick is to let the ideas express in their own way.

"The Almighty at Work" was produced and directed by the All There Is Production Company.


Enocia as Herself


My friend and her sister
My friend's sister's friends
The cast and crew of Bruce Almighty
The television manufacturers and TV companies
The chicken, vegetables, spices, wine producer, farmer, and supermarket staff
The gas company
The library staff, and all blog providers
The Internet
The bus company
My mother
Robert Burns


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