Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Answers are Everywhere Present

"Whatever happened to that black singer who used to wear dark glasses? Is she still around?" my mother said.
"I know exactly who you mean. She sang "Dreams can come true", didn't she?" I said.
"I think so."
"Funny you should ask about her. A guy I met the other day reckoned if I wore dark glasses I would look like her. I can't remember her name, right now, but I'm sure she's still around."

For a few minutes I tried to recall her name but let it go. I knew the answer was present right where we were. Mum went back to watching television. She switched the channel to a live game show called Deal Or No Deal. I noticed one of the contestants was called Gabrielle.

"Mum, the pop singer you were asking about is Gabrielle."
"Yes, it is. It's amazing how they have the same name."
"See, they've called her name again. It's as if the universe is trying to bring her to our attention, just in case we didn't get it the first time."
"If you weren't here I probably wouldn't have noticed," she laughed.
"Answers are everywhere, you just have to be alert," I said. "I wonder how many people are thinking their prayers haven't been answered when in actual fact they're probably not paying any attention to what is already present?"

Yesterday, mum asked me to buy a birthday card for her grandson (my nephew) who turns 13 today. I suggested that as he's mad about football (soccer) I should get a football related card. I headed to the shops in the west end as I figured the shops would be open on Boxing Day. The card shop I had in mind was closed. Oh well, I might as well try my favourite bookshop. I hopped on a bus. At one bus stop I felt compelled to look to my left into a shopping mall I've never been in before. I spotted a sign for a stationery shop and jumped off. A few shops away from the stationery shop was a card shop called "Cards Galore." Aha! They're bound to have what I'm looking for.

I browsed through the cards but couldn't find any that was suitable. I asked a shop assistant if they had any cards about football. She rummaged through one section and said they used to but they must have sold out. While she was looking elsewhere, I was drawn to one particular card. The picture in front was a moving image of a man playing football. When you move it in one direction, it appears as if he's heading the ball; and when moved in another direction it looks as if he's kicking the ball. Perfect.

Answers are everywhere present.
Be open; be alert; be aware.


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