Thursday, December 14, 2006

Being Present

Tell me Oh Wise One, how can I be myself?

When you are fully present and being all that you are, you're being yourself.

Fully present? What's that then?

When you're focused 100% on what you're experiencing, you're being yourself. By yourself I mean the totality of All There Is, the One Self in all.

I've noticed when I'm travelling on the bus and fully present, it's as if no other reality exists but the one I'm currently being.

Indeed, no other reality exists outside of Self. Right now you're being the Self. Any attempt to be otherwise means you're being Not Self. Since only Self exists, anything else is an illusion. Illusion is fighting against what is.

Reminds me of a bus journey I had yesterday. I heard two guys complaining about how slow the bus journey was. They talked about how it would be nice to have an underpass where buses could travel instead of being caught in traffic.

When you're not fully present you appear to have a divided mind that is all over the place. In that state of consciousness you experience the world as "them" and "us."

By "divided" you mean in conflict, don't you?


How does one stop being in conflict?

By realising that no matter what time or space you find yourself in, there is only One. Oneness, being the One, is being fully present where you are.

I remember you once said:

"When you are not fully present, you experience a sense of lack. When you are fully present, there is no room for lack. As the outer and inner are one, the fullness of who you are is created in the outer. There is therefore no need to worry about a thing as you know that all is well." The Lost Art of Forgetting

It's so simple, isn't it? Focus on what you are being in every moment and you're automatically connected to the Whole. This means you don't even have to meditate to be one with all.

Meditation is one way of being the One, but that is only one way. Being present is another way.

Thank you. I've also found that when I'm fully present everything works out in perfect harmony and order.

Exactly! Because in that state of being present, you are being the one "I" that is in all. This "I" works for the good of all.

Wow, this is great stuff! Thank you.

You're welcome.


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