Friday, December 15, 2006


Why do we find it so difficult to ask for help? Is it because we believe we're self-sufficient? Is it because asking makes us seem dependent and weak? Is it because we don't want to share the glory with anyone?

There is a way of offering help without encroaching on another's freewill.

This morning I went shopping with my mother. Even though I could have done the shopping on my own, I sensed she wanted to help. At the same time, she seemed to find it uncomfortable walking up and down the aisles in the supermarket. I asked if she wanted to sit down while I did the shopping. She agreed.

At home I tried to open the deodorant we'd just bought but the lid wouldn't budge. I checked to see whether it had been stuck by tape or something, but it wasn't. I asked God to open it. I left it alone for a few seconds. When I turned the lid, it opened effortlessly.

On my way to the local bus/train station I noticed two young women going up the stairs with their suitcases. One was already at the top while the other was trying to drag a huge suitcase up the stairs. I asked her if she wanted help and she said yes. She said a man had just walked by and hadn't offered to help and was grateful for my assistance.

Help is always readily available. We only need to be open to receive in any form the help takes.

With love,

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