Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Honk, Honk!

Apart from police, ambulance and fire engine sirens, or drilling machines where there are roadworks, the streets in London are pretty quiet. Motorists only use their honks to attract attention in emergency situations or when they are annoyed at other motorists or pedestrians.

I'm waiting at the bus stop for my bus home. I can see my bus approaching. There are cars parked on one side of the road. The same lane is chock-a-block with traffic. On the other side a car is blocking the bus' path. The bus driver is trying to squeeze through the narrow space. It seems like the only way he can get through is if the car moves out of the way but the car is staying put. Traffic on both sides is at a standstill.

After a few minutes of nothing happening, I decide it's time to realise God's presence. I see the Light of God everywhere and I know the Light is going to take that bus through that space, even if it has to create more space to do so. It had better because it's freezing.

The bus driver honks again. A woman driver on the other side honks in response, not in a frustrated way but in a jubilant way, just like some people do after football matches. I grin at her. She returns my grin and continues honking. In the meantime, the bus driver squeezes through the space and arrives at the bus stop.

As the bus drives away I can still hear the woman driver honking.

Honk if you're having fun!