Thursday, December 28, 2006

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie Again

I know we are all love but...

I'm waiting for a bus. A bus arrives at the stop and a man gets off. He sits next to me and says hello. I recognise him immediately.

In what seems like lifetimes ago, I met him at another bus stop. I was carrying shopping at the time and waiting for my bus. I remember him asking me whether I was in a relationship and I had foolishly told him I was single. He asked me if I was interested in sleeping with him. The last thing on my mind was sex and I was certainly not interested in him in that way. It took a while to convince him otherwise.

I wonder if he remembers me.

"How are you?" he says.
"Fine, thank you. And you?"

After a pause he says, "Are you married?"
"Yes, I am," I say.

The man bolts from the seat. He doesn't even look back. So that's the magic password, one I should have used the last time we met.

I hope he finds someone suitable to play with.


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