Monday, December 04, 2006

Life is the Love-Light Expressing Self

"And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 10: 7
As I see it, the universe is not made of matter, nor is it made up of thoughts, the universe is made of Love-Light. We are all the one Love-Light, though of course we all express Love in different ways.

Where there is only Love-Light, there is only the law of Love. Love doesn't judge, Love doesn't hurt, Love simply loves.

Every moment the Love-Light is expressing Itself. My responsibility is to recognise that the Love-Light is everywhere present, and to be open to the myriads of ways S/He appears.

Two days ago I chatted via email with a friend I haven't seen in a while. He asked if I fancied meeting up. I said it would be lovely and for him to let me know when.

Later when I went to catch my bus there were many passengers wanting to get on the same bus. People were shoving one another. I thought "I live in Love and there's enough room for all." The jostling stopped instantly; passengers entered the bus in an orderly manner. There was more than enough room for everyone.

While I was walking home that evening I saw this woman who reminded me of my young friend who lives in the neighbourhood. We first met when we used to catch the bus together. She was studying A-Levels at the local college. I've always been interested in how her studies are progressing. She recently started university and I've been wondering how she is finding it.

At home my mother was looking glum. I often tease her about her hangdog expressions. I tell her there is a breed of dog with the same look. When I asked her how she was, she whimpered. She said she had a persistent pain on one shoulder and couldn't lift her arm. I asked her if she wanted healing. She agreed. I laid my hand on her shoulder for a few minutes and told her to lift it. The pain had gone and she could now lift it. She thanked me but I reminded her to thank God.

Yesterday I planned to go out with my mother. She said it depended on how she was feeling in the morning. When she got up she looked outside and declared the weather too dull to venture out. The sun soon came out. My mother said as she was going out the next day she preferred to stay in. Before I went out she said she wanted to show me her new best friend. On the cover of one of her magazines was the picture of a beautiful baby - her new best friend. She was going to be constantly looking at the picture to remind her of her true nature. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

I decided to go into town and browse at a bookshop. While I was waiting at the local bus stop my college friend appeared. She'd recently had her eyelashes extended and she looked gorgeous. I asked her about university and she said she was enjoying it. We travelled together and got off at the same stop but parted company as we were going in opposite directions.

When I got into town I went into a particular bookshop, got a book from the shelf and opened a page at random. A line jumped out at me and reminded me of the friend I had chatted by email with the day before. I looked across at a man rummaging through some CDs. He reminded me of my friend. If it wasn't for the beard he could very easily pass as my friend. I went back to reading but then my attention was drawn to the man. It was my friend! It was good to see him again. Funny how Love arranged our meeting effortlessly.

We went for a walk to catch up on what we've been doing. My friend said he was unhappy that his life wasn't moving in the direction he hoped. I said to him, "Always remember you are loved." He wanted to go into a local cafe for some food. I didn't fancy anything but kept him company. He remarked that the service he was receiving was excellent compared to how people usually treat him. My friend also loves France; the people running the cafe were from France.

Later I pondered about how we can all live in the one universe of Love and yet have such different experiences. I believe it's a matter of how you see the universe. Many people believe they live in a material universe and you have to compete for its limited resources. Only when you die do you get to experience the spiritual counterpart that is limitless. According to their beliefs, so be it.

I know I live in Heaven/Light/Spirit right now and that all forms are the Light in manifestation. And according to my belief, so be it.

In Love,

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