Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Beginning or End

While I've been writing on the Internet, I've been listening to songs from the Take That website. I love this group and I'm so glad they got reunited. The first song that comes on when you log on is one of my favourite - it's called "Back for Good." At the end of the song I press the Back arrow and then Back to the site. I've listened to this particular song over and over again and I still love it.

At one point the website went offline and it wouldn't come on. After several attempts and no joy I realised I was seeing the website as having a form. What has form always has a beginning and end. Time to realise the truth of the situation.

"Take That" is Light and Light has no beginning or end.

I then logged into the new Take That website and listened to their latest single called "Patience," which is also very good. After I'd finished listening I logged into the other website. It was now working perfectly; I resumed listening to "Back for Good" for the umpteenth time. I mean that literally.

Take that light and love.


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