Thursday, December 28, 2006

Of Spirit and Claiming Your Spirit Passport

"A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1: 8


"Tell me; where do you think God is?"

"Why, He is within me and everywhere." I doubtless looked as bewildered as I felt.

"All-pervading, eh?" The saint chuckled. "Then why, young sir, did you fail to bow before the Infinite in the stone symbol at the Tarakeswar temple yesterday? Your pride caused you the punishment of being misdirected by the passer-by who was not bothered by fine distinctions of left and right. Today, too, you have had a fairly uncomfortable time of it!" Autobiography of a Yogi
My body aches.

What do you mean by "my"?

I mean that which is part of me.

Who is this me? Do you mean the "me" that has a mother and father?

Of course not. I mean the me that is spirit that was never born, that has always existed, the me that simply is.

Are you saying that it is the spirit "me" that aches?

Of course not!

Come on, make up your mind. Either you ache or you don't.

I see what you mean. Obviously, the me that is spirit cannot ache.

OK, so...

So, there must be another me that does ache.

Hmmm, what you're saying is that there are two you's, right? The you that aches and the you that doesn't.

I guess so. But that doesn't make sense. There is only one me and that me is spirit.

Can I make a suggestion?

Yes please.

There is only one you that is spirit.

I know this to be true. Why do I still ache?

Because you hold a belief that there are two of you - that you are spirit and flesh.

But I don't. I know I am spirit having a human experience.

Aha, there you go!

What do you mean there I go?

I mean you are seeing yourself as a spirit having a human experience.


So, if you see yourself as spirit and human then you should expect to have two kinds of experiences: one that is spirit and always perfect; and one that goes through a cycle of birth and death.

I see what you mean. The flaw is in my thinking.

That's correct.

How do I correct my thinking?

Simple. Just know that you are spirit having a spirit experience. This means that you are always spirit and everything is spirit. It doesn't matter whether you appear to be in "human form" know yourself as spirit and you'll find your experiences start to change accordingly.

I know, like when that woman hit my shoulder with her rucksack the other day. Though I heard the contact, her rucksack felt like a feather.

Exactly. There are many other demonstrations that you can share.

Yes, too numerous for me to write about here. Anyway, are you saying they are demonstrations of life as spirit?


I see. Tell me something, when you say all is spirit, does that mean everywhere and everything?

Absolutely. Spirit is everywhere including your body, your home, in a pub, in a hospital, in a battlefield, in a church, in a mosque, in the office, in the library, in a bus, in a shop, in parliament, in the countryside, on top of Mount Everest, in the cemetery, in a grave, in the toilet, in the sea, in fire...everywhere. It doesn't matter what you're eating, whether it's meat, vegetables or toilet tissue, which I know you're quite partial to, all is spirit. The moment you believe spirit is in some things and not in others, you're back to the belief in spirit and flesh and living two lives: that of spirit man and that of flesh and blood man.

How do I integrate the two?

You don't integrate flesh and blood with spirit. You simply remember that there is only one reality and it is spirit including your body.

By this you mean, my body is spirit.

Exactly. There is only you as spirit and your body is spirit. Anything else is an illusion.

So if I say "my body aches" I'm speaking a lie, right?

Not necessarily. If you believe you are spirit having a human experience, then it is your human self, that goes through birth and death, experiencing pain. When you know that there is only spirit, then pain is impossible.

But what if I still experience pain, sickness and lack even when I know that I am spirit and all is spirit? That still happens.

They are simply echoes of how you used to see yourself. Just ignore them and remind yourself of who you are, that all is spirit. Keep on focusing on the truth that all is spirit.

That's all I have to do?

Yes. Don't try to change anything. Just know that you are spirit and all is spirit; and let the truth take care of the details.

Does this mean people around me will experience a similar reality as me?

To experience what it means to live as spirit, everyone has to claim the spirit identity for themselves.

What do you mean by claiming the spirit identity?

First comes the realisation that all is spirit. You then have to live this realisation as your experience. No one can do it for you. It's like applying for a passport. Just because you were born in the UK doesn't mean a British passport is going to be handed to you on a plate. If you want one, you're going to have to apply for one and show you're eligible. Your application is rejected if you don't meet certain requirements which could very well be because you've supplied the wrong information.

That's a brilliant analogy. We are all entitled to have spiritual passports but only a few have one because most put the wrong information in the application form.

Precisely. By divine right everyone is entitled to the spirit passport. However, if you believe you have to die first to be spirit then you've provided the wrong information and your application is rejected. If you believe you are spirit having a human experience, your application is rejected. If you believe spirit is in one religion and not in another, your application is rejected. If you believe spirit is in some places and not in others, your application is rejected.

Do we get other chances to make an application?

Of course. Every moment is a new opportunity to make another application until you receive your passport. However, just because you have a spirit passport doesn't mean you're always going to enjoy the benefits.

What do you mean? I thought once you have a spirit passport you've got it made.

Not necessarily. Remember it's taken you many years of having a double mind. If you lapse in memory and think of yourself as "only human" you're likely to forget you hold a spirit passport.

I can relate to having a passport and not being able to enjoy the benefits. This is when I let appearances fool me into forgetting that all is spirit.

Quite right. The moment you remember that all is spirit, you're back to enjoying all the benefits that come with having a spirit passport.

Wow! That's brilliant. I love it. One more question.

Fire away.

Who are you?

I am you.

Thank you.


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