Thursday, December 07, 2006


"Infinity chooses," he said. "The art of the warrior-traveler is to have the ability to move with the slightest insinuation, the art of acquiescing to every command of infinity. For this, a warrior-traveler needs prowess, strength, and above everything else, sobriety. All those three put together give, as a result, elegance." The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda
While I was waiting for my bus yesterday morning, I was pondering about the piece I was going to write called We Have All the Love in the World. I thought about how the more children people have the more love they have to give.

I noticed a woman sitting beside me had on a lovely pair of earrings. I told her I loved her earrings. She said her husband, who has now passed away, gave them to her. She said he was a good man. They have three grown-up kids, two out of London and one living locally. She talked about her family with great affection. In a way she was the manifestation of how the one love gets magnified in families. It turned out we were waiting for the same bus. When our bus arrived I sat downstairs but she went upstairs.

A while back a friend, who lives out of London and is now working in London for a few weeks, asked if I fancied meeting up. I suggested yesterday evening as a possibility but then I realised they were showing the film, Love Actually on television, which I haven't seen before. I told him I couldn't meet up on that day and suggested another day but I didn't hear from him. Although I hadn't planned on meeting my friend, I kept seeing myself meeting up with him. So I decided to go to the place we'd arranged to meet. I figured if he was there I would spend an hour with him and then go home to catch the film.

On my way into town I had various options to get there by bus but I had a feeling I should use another route. En route I had this feeling the article I'd written wasn't complete. I remembered I hadn't included the discussion I had with the lady at the bus station earlier. Just as I was thinking about her, the same woman got on at the next stop. I sat next to her. She marvelled at how we'd met up twice on the same day. I told her I'd been working on an article and I liked what she said about family. I told her I had written a piece about how love is already here in abundance. She said there was so much love in families and this is particularly noticeable in a crisis. She talked about the importance of families pulling together. I asked my friend what her name was and she said Honey.

When my friend and I parted company, I caught another bus into town. At the bookshop I saw my friend at the cafe. I told him I could only stay for a short while. I was having such fun being with him I stayed a lot longer. It was well worth missing the film.

I went to catch my bus home. At the bus stop was a bus I wanted but just as I was getting on the doors closed. The same thing happened with the bus behind. How odd! A few minutes later, another bus turned up. It was one of those with a television screen where they have adverts on. I didn't pay any attention to the ads. After a while I looked up. On the computer screen was the word "Honey." Wow! I've just met a woman called Honey and there is Honey being reflected back at me!

When Love seeks to express Self, who am I to refuse?