Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Senses as Receiving Instruments

The world is topsy-turvy. What seems to be is not, and what isn't is.

Let's take the senses as an example. They are meant to be tools for the Universe to express through. This means instead of trying to hear, smell, taste, feel or see, we're meant to receive through the appropriate sensory instrument.

Yeah right! Are you saying when my eyes get blurred it's because I'm trying to see?


Are you saying when an optician comes up with a diagnosis that you are long or short-sighted that it's all a load of bollocks?

I wouldn't put it in such a colourful language, but yes.

Do you mean to tell me that if I simply receive my sight, I would have perfect vision?

I'm saying that when you stop trying to see but simply let whatever it is see through you, you'll find life to be effortless including seeing.

Wow, that's an interesting way to see things, so to speak.

Indeed. Just try it out.

I will.

And another thing, you will find that as you use your senses to receive, you will also receive the highest intention of each experience, regardless of appearance.

I don't understand.

I mean, you will receive what the highest intention of each experience is i.e. the good in it, before it was distorted.

That's excellent! Thank you.

You're welcome. I'll be seeing you.



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