Friday, December 29, 2006

To My Beloved

I've been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate you. Where shall I start?

It's good to know you're always there supporting me in all I do. Your love for me never changes.

When I needed space to explore what life means for me, you gave it to me. Actually, you were always present it just seemed like you were far away because that's how I wanted things to appear. You let me do things my way. When I got to a point when my life wasn't working and there was no one to turn to, you were right there to lift me up and show me the way.

You always have the perfect solution to every problem I've dreamed up. It's taken me a long time to realise that your way of doing things is completely different from the way the world believes things should be done. I'm now learning to trust in your ways.

I love that you guide me with lots of humour and fun. You have the patience of a saint; or is it you are saintly patient?

You're constantly revealing new ways of seeing the world; you never cease to amaze me. You make every day exciting and fun. I don't even mind when you wake me up in the middle of the night to fill me up with even more new inspiration.

You have a zillion and one ways of loving me. It is in your arms that I rest when I go to sleep. You wake me up with thoughts of love. You feed and clothe me. You take me wherever I want to go. When I feel the need for human contact, you appear as the very individual. I remember when I felt like a nice hug. What did you do? You appeared as a lovely young man who sat beside me. We were soon chatting and sharing life experiences. We went for a meal and he even asked me to go on a bus ride with him. I got a warm cuddle from him. Now this young man is one of my friends.

Remember that time on the bus when I chatted to you appearing as a man reading his newspaper? He was so friendly and held my hands even though we'd never met before. He said he wished he could spend the day with me.

It's curious though how most of your messengers of love are blokes. Is it because of the male/female thing, I wonder? Then again, many of your messengers have been cats, dogs and the odd pigeon.

Thank you for sharing your love of art, beauty and music with me. Even though you know I don't write music you still give me wonderful melodies. I would have produced many songs by now if I could be bothered to record them. I love that you are constantly reminding me of my favourite songs.

It's a pleasure to share your beauty all around me. I mean it's everywhere: clouds at sunset, in nature, art, a smile, someone's eyes, films, truth, fashion magazines, makeup...everywhere.

You are constantly reminding me of all the good there is in the form of inspirational stories via email and on the Internet. Thank you for giving me the love of writing.

When there has been a need, I have felt your healing presence. Sometimes, your healing balm is a gentle reminder that I am Love. Thank you for always seeing me as perfect.

There are times when I am content to simply be in silence with you. Sometimes I hear you as an inner sound within me and it's peaceful and pleasurable. Other times you appear as inner light.

Thank you for always being here and loving me no matter what. I am nothing without you.

I love you.


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