Saturday, December 30, 2006

Use By Date? Yeah, Right!

"Mother," I asked, "why don't you teach others the method of living without food?"

My ambitious hopes for the world's starving millions were nipped in the bud.

"No." She shook her head. "I was strictly commanded by my guru not to divulge the secret. It is not his wish to tamper with God's drama of creation. The farmers would not thank me if I taught many people to live without eating! The luscious fruits would lie uselessly on the ground. It appears that misery, starvation, and disease are whips of our karma which ultimately drive us to seek the true meaning of life." Autobiography of a Yogi
I bought some milk last week which hasn't been opened because I haven't had any breakfast cereal. The only other time I use fresh milk is when I drink tea, which is few and far between. I even had some milk left over from two weeks ago. This morning I decided to chuck out the remainder of the old milk and open the new bottle of milk, now a week old, and have some cereal. On second thought, I didn't feel like any cereal so I decided not to open it. Besides, it should be OK; the Use By Date says 3 January 2007.

Later I had this thought: What's Divine Love got to do with Use By Date?

God is Love and Light and Goodness and exists in all things and in all time. Since God is in that milk, what difference does it make when I use it? God is good for all time.

Of course, if we all went round thinking about the Light being present in all time, supermarket owners are not going to like this. How are they going to make profit when we believe nothing goes off because the Light of God is present in all?

Reminds me of a funny story a friend told me. While he was shopping at a supermarket, he noticed a shop assistant was getting rid of sandwiches that had gone past the Sell by Date. He picked one up. The shop assistant told him it was against supermarket policy to let customers have products that have gone past the Sell by Date. My friend said he wasn't bothered and refused to let the sandwich go. The shop assistant called a security guard for assistance. My friend held on for dear life to the sandwich. A scuffle followed, then he finally let go of the sandwich.

Use by Date? Bollocks to that! I will open the milk when I'm good and ready.

God is all and in all.


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