Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We Have All the Love in the World

We have all, the time in the world
Time enough for life to unfold
All the precious things love has in store
We have all the love in the world
If that's all we have, you will find
We need nothing more

Every step of the way will find us
With the cares of the world far behind us

We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love We Have All the Love in the World, Louis Armstrong
The world we live in appears to be inflexible. Walls seem rigid and hard. When you bang your head against a brick wall it hurts. At least that's how things appear.

The truth is appearances can be very deceptive. What seems inflexible is actually very flexible indeed, it's a matter of having a shift of perspective.

I've heard about people involved in car accidents who have described how time seems to slow down, and they seem to have all the time to manoeuvre the vehicle. Others have described how their cars have collided with another and yet they have survived the collision.

In the UK we have this expression that the most unlikely thing that can happen to you is you could get run over by a bus. Two years ago I was nearly run over by a bus. I was running across the road for my bus but I didn't notice another bus approaching until it was too late. On the one hand, it all seemed to happen very quickly and I had very little time to react. On the other hand, the moment of impact seemed to stretch forever; I had all the time in the world to step away from the approaching bus, pick up my slipper that was underneath the bus, cross over the road, bang on the door of the bus I wanted and the driver let me in. It was only when I sat down that I realised what I had experienced.

What makes someone have all the time in the world to avoid an accident? What makes two cars collide and yet everyone survives the impact. It is love. Love makes the universe flexible and lets you see that we have infinite goodness all around and within us. As Louis Armstrong sings: "We have all the time in the world just for love."

In a previous article called Life is the Love-Light Expressing Self, I wrote:

"Later when I went to catch my bus there were many passengers wanting to get on the same bus. People were shoving one another. I thought "I live in Love and there's enough room for all." The jostling stopped instantly; passengers entered the bus in an orderly manner. There was more than enough room for everyone."
This means we have all the buses in the world. Yahoo!

Many parents have a lot of love to give their one child. As they have more kids they have more and more love to give. Where did the extra love come from? The love has always been there; it's a matter of expanding/stretching what they have.

The wonderful thing about love is you don't necessarily have to have had lots of experiences to have more love, joy or peace. You can draw on the one experience to give you joy forever. There are times when I only need to recall a memory and I'm feeling joy.

I've read many stories about people who have had near-death experiences (NDE) and used that one memory to bless millions of people. Tiffany Snow, for instance, was struck by lightning and nearly died. During her NDE she received insights about healing. She wrote:
"The healing happens when I remember how it was up there, and I see myself in front of Christ, holding the sick person in my arms. Then I feel that warm tingling again and the miracles happen, like I'm connecting to God just from my memory."
As you can see, Tiffany is drawing on that one memory of love to heal others.

As for walls being hard and inflexible, that's not true at all. A while back I was helping a friend move some furniture. We tried to move the table through the door but it wouldn't budge. After several attempts I asked God for help and the wall expanded enough for us to slide the table through.

And another thing, I've hit my head against a brick wall and it has felt as soft as a sponge. I have had grit in my eye that stung but when I shifted perspective knowing that all is love, it dissolved into nothing.

Instead of being mesmerised by appearances, I know things are not how they appear. I KNOW that we have all the LOVE in the world.


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