Saturday, December 23, 2006

When You Know You're On a Wild Goose Chase

Have you ever known you were on a wild goose chase and done it anyway? I had one earlier today.

As I planned to go into town later today, I figured I might as well use the Guildhall Library in the City and then go from there. That was the logical thing to do. After the initial "flurry of activity" of catching the bus I needed, I relaxed so I could enjoy the journey. It was then I had a knowing that the Guildhall was closed. I reasoned that it couldn't possibly be closed as it's only two days to Christmas; in any case, the other libraries are still open. But the knowing persisted. I didn't feel like getting off the bus. I reasoned that if it was closed I would head off into town. My knowing showed me an inner movie where I saw myself going to the library, being told it was closed, getting on another bus, and arriving at the library I normally use at 12 noon.

Pfff! It's only an inner movie! There's a danger of taking your intuition too seriously. I'm not getting off this bus. I'm off to the City of London!

Outside the Guildhall, I was met by a security guard. He asked me if I was going to the library and I said yes. He said it was closed till after Christmas and I should have called first. Bloody logic! Instead of heading into town as planned, I caught another bus back and came to the library I'm in now. Guess what time I arrived? 12 noon.

Such is life on the wild goose chase lane.

At least it shows my knowing is spot on, and I got a story out of it; so it's all good.

I and my knowing are one.