Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Wonder of Beliefs

On the bus this morning an elderly-looking woman came in with a dog that looked like a black Labrador. He was so sweet, the dog I mean, but he didn't look very happy. He looked quite "elderly." I asked the woman how old the dog was. She said he was only nine, but he's been ill with diabetes. She said the dog even went blind. The dog had to be admitted to a veterinary hospital where they removed the cataracts. She said the dog had still not got over her illness.

I stroked my little friend's head, the dog I mean.

After the woman and her dog got off, I marvelled at the power of beliefs. Our beliefs about sickness have enabled us to develop all these wonderful technologies to help eradicate our beliefs. Now the animals are getting in on the act, poor sods.

Well, I'm a simple woman with simple beliefs. I believe in the Light that is in all and that Light is Abundance, Acceptance, Beauty, Being, Brilliance, Creativity, Divine Energy, Freedom, Fulfilment, Gentleness, Goodness, Grace, Harmony, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy, Life, Light, Love, Magic, Majesty, Oneness, Order, Originality, Peace, Perfection, Power, Presence, Purity, Radiance, Reality, Simplicity, Soul, Source, Spirit, Stillness, Supply, Support, Truth, Wealth, Wholeness, Wisdom, Wonder...to name but a few attributes.

Love and Light.


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