Thursday, January 18, 2007

Abandon Ship versus Being Here Now

I've had many out of body experiences (OOBE) a.k.a. astral travel/projections. When I was out of my body I felt light and free, while my physical body seemed lifeless. As Light, I could be in many places in thought. As Light, I could manifest an experience instantly. The most important thing my OOBEs demonstrated was that I am Light.

The problem with astral travel is that you're split in consciousness. You see yourself as the Light and the body as the tool the Light uses to express itself. When the Light has had enough of the body, or when the body is no longer appropriate, the Light abandons ship and departs for another reality. This is exactly what happens when people die, they abandon ship while their loved ones mourn over an empty vessel.

How do I stop repeating the "abandon ship" way of living? I have to give up my fascination with OOBEs. Why have OOBE when I can have the experience here and now in bodily form? This means instead of separating myself into Light and darkness, Light body and material body, I see myself as having only one body that is Light. I see all my experiences as Light. Then, and only then, am I fully present.

Old habits die hard. What if you've got used to experiencing your visible body and the universe as material? When you feel pain, for instance, it's natural to want to get rid of it.

I believe:

"My job is not to judge situations or conditions as right or wrong and try to get rid of them but to simply yield whatever it is to be transformed by the Light that I am. Whatever it is then takes on the attributes of the Light i.e. boundlessness, freedom, peace, love, joy, beauty, power, wisdom etc. As to how that which has been transformed is made manifest? Watch this God space." Transformed by the Light
Therefore, instead of getting rid of pain, I simply see it as a Light sensation and then trust in the Light to transmute the experience into itself.

I see every day as an opportunity to practise being Light here and now. In fact, that is what the spiritual path is about, living as Light.

I am Light.
I have a Light body with Light organs.
I have Light senses.
I have Light experiences.
I live in a Light universe.

One day when I have the urge to travel to another reality, I shall travel in my Light ship instead of having to abandon ship.


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