Friday, January 12, 2007

Acting is Being - Part 2

Last night I watched the film Ali, based on the biography of the boxer, Muhammad Ali from his early days to when he became a boxing champion. I was amazed at how much Will Smith had transformed himself both physically and mentally to be like Ali. If I didn't know he was only acting I could have sworn he was Ali.

Where do these characters come from? Is it sufficient to simply study someone to be that person? I don't think so. I believe one can be any character because that person is already within you. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm; we contain the entire universe within us, and I mean all forms and realities. To be someone all you need to do is to evoke the person within you. When you evoke that person you are letting that person or character take over at that moment. Acting is Being
As I was walking this morning to the bus stop it started drizzling. Although I had my hood on I didn't fancy walking in the rain so I thought "I AM Dry Weather" and I saw dry weather as light coming from me to infinity. The rain stopped.

As I was walking on the Internet, an error message came up. I tried again and the error came up again. Time for another decree: "I AM the Internet." Again I saw the Internet as rays of light coming from me and going everywhere. The "problem" was fixed.

In the above examples, what I was doing was evoking the realities within me to come forth.

I am what I seek.


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