Monday, January 15, 2007


"As I see it, realising one's nature as spirit is not about waiting for a time in the future when you will become awake; awakening is occurring in every moment you are aware of love's presence." Practical Spirituality
What we perceive as the physical universe is in deep slumber. By "slumber" I mean the Light that is in all appears to be dormant because most of us are too accustomed to seeing the universe as manifested in different dimensions. If you believe what we're experiencing here is the material aspect of the universe, you're not going to experience it in any other way but material. Regardless of how things appear, Light is in all time and all space. This means there is no material universe or different dimensions; there is only a Light universe. I am living in Light now.

I practise seeing everything as Light.

I am Light; I live in Light.
I see, hear, feel, taste, smell and think Light.

I encounter Light people everywhere; I see Light animals, Light birds and Light nature all around me; I ride on Light buses with Light passengers; I see Light houses and Light buildings everywhere; I am typing on a Light computer; I write Light stories; I experience only Light.

Two days ago as I was working on the Internet, an error message came up. I heard someone reporting the fault to the librarian. He said the system was probably down. This meant that if there was a problem it wouldn't be sorted out till two days later when the IT staff were back at work. I thought "This is not an error message, but a Light error message." Note that I wasn't trying to change the error message, I was simply realising that everything is Light. In no time the Internet was working again.

Last night I stubbed my toe against the chair. For a second it was painful but then I thought, "Oh, I have Light stubbed my Light toe against the Light chair." The moment I had that thought, the pain became Light pain i.e. I felt nothing. Here again I wasn't changing the situation, I was simply remembering Light as the only cause.

Every Light day is a new Light opportunity to remember that all is Light. This is what awakening means for me.

In and of Light.

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