Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last night, I watched a documentary on television called Trust Me I'm a Healer. In this episode called "Mr and Mrs Healer", a man called Ray Brown claimed to be channelling the spirit of St Paul of Tarsus; Paul wrote most of the epistles in the New Testament of the Bible.

Funnily enough, the day before, I was reading about Paul's "thorn in his flesh" that he couldn't get rid of. He didn't say what the thorn in his flesh was but he claimed it was a reminder that he lived by Grace. (see 2 Corinthians 12: 7-12) So it was interesting to watch a documentary the very next day about someone who claimed to be channelling the same Paul. Perhaps, I was channelling Paul.

St Paul works through Ray to heal patients. Ray said it's like going into a trance with your eyes open. Ray said he dies every time Paul takes over his body, and he has no memory of what Paul has been doing. Ray keeps his healing separate from his family. His daughter, Sophie, from his previous marriage, said she doesn't know much about his work but has heard of Paul healing people. At one point, Sophie met and spoke to Paul in form. According to Paul, the last time he saw her was when she was very young. Sophie said while the man she was speaking to looked like her dad, he was definitely not her father.

It's all very well having Paul take over Ray's body and work through him to heal others, but what about Ray? Doesn't Ray care about his own spiritual journey? Has he simply resigned himself to the fact that he's here for a short while and he might as well let Paul heal through him? Ray said Paul's presence has helped transform his life. Each to their own.

What is channelling anyway? It is communicating of information. It seems to me that we're always channelling, we simply call it by different names. When I'm getting information from the Internet, I'm channelling but in IT speak it's called downloading. When I have ideas to write an article, I'm channelling but in literary speak it's called inspiration. When I'm being entertained by television I'm channelling but it's called watching telly. Is this why TV channels are called channels, I wonder? When I'm tuning into myself it's channelling but it's popularly known as intuition. When I'm tuning into someone's thoughts in human form or otherwise, I'm channelling but it's called telepathy or mediumship.

Within "spiritual circles" every man and his dog is channelling one entity or another from angels, gurus, masters, guides, ETs, and all sorts. If it's all Love and we are Love, isn't it possible what you're channelling is coming from yourself? It's as if people are scared to admit that they could possibly be a storehouse of wisdom and love. They would rather attribute the channelled material to someone else, a deceased pet even, than admit that the idea can possibly come from them. Others might argue that they want to be sure what they're channelling is not coming from the ego. If you're so scared why not go for broke and channel God? After all, all the mystics have taught that we all have God within us. Even the channelling master, Edgar Cayce has said the ultimate form of channelling is Channelling your Higher Self.

In the book Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan, talks about the core star which is the "inner Divine Core that is our connection to the Eternal Divine." In other words, while there is only One in all, each of us is the One; and it is through the "core star" that we experience who we are. As you are being the One that is you, you're automatically united with the One in all. Put another way, the easiest way to be in unity with all is to be yourself.

As babies we are full of joy because we're channelling our true selves. Bit by bit society chips away at who we are being and before you know it, you're a shadow of your real self, too frightened to speak your truth lest you're seen as rising above your station. There is always the odd exception to the rule, however.

Last week while I was in the children's section in the library, I chatted to a librarian. He's always so full of joy. He asked me what I was doing in the children's section. I told him my latest quest was to read all the Tintin books. I read all of them as a child but I would like to read them again. He teased me about reading children's books. He said he wasn't a great reader, he prefers fixing things; his brother is the reader in the family. He's recently graduated from University with a First Class Honours in IT. He said his brother studied English. He said he's happy to have found his path in life and loves what he's doing. He said it's a shame children are not encouraged to study what they love. He said when someone has an IT problem he can instantly "see" different scenarios and knows exactly what to do. I told him I feel the same way about writing. I receive ideas complete in themselves. We are both seeing the universe from our unique standpoints. No wonder he's so happy, he's being true to himself.

Until people trust in who they are, they will always look to another to channel a teacher of master on their behalf, which is fair enough.

When I'm channelling myself, then and only then am I being true to myself. From all the emails I'm receiving from people who read my blogs, it looks like I'm inspiring others to be true to themselves; which has to be a good thing.

I am who I am.


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