Monday, January 22, 2007

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Over the last week there has been a furore in the media caused by events in the "Celebrity Big Brother" household, where a group of celebrities had allegedly bullied an Indian celebrity. Thousands of viewers interpreted their actions as racist. Before you know it, politicians were on the bandwagon and it had now become an international affair. One day one of the women involved, who was seen as the ringleader, apologised to the Indian celebrity and they kissed and made up. The next day the "ringleader" was evicted from the house. During her exit interview, she expressed how disgusted she was with herself for behaving the way she did. She also insisted that her actions weren't racist.

As I'm writing this, the debate still continues in the media. Obviously it's in the media's interest to keep it going as long as possible. I'm also jumping on the bandwagon because I believe the issue is not about racism or bullying but about love of self.

I'm sure most of us have said and done awful things to one another. When you feel like shit you're going to act and think like shit, regardless of how the law or society says you should behave. So instead of pointing a finger at others, I would rather use this opportunity to love, as they are all aspects of self.

I'm grateful to everyone involved to have raised this issue. My love to everyone involved including the celebrities in "Big Brother", the television channel involved, the media, media audience and everyone.

I love you all.


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