Monday, January 15, 2007

My New Quest

As a child I loved reading The Adventures of Tintin. While I don't remember the stories, the characters are very much alive in my memory.

Tintin was the young intrepid reporter who was always involved in one adventure after another. He had strong principles that he lived by. Though he got himself involved in many scrapes, he always came out the hero.

There was Snowy, Tintin's devoted dog. He didn't always understand Tintin's drive but he was always there by his side. He has come to Tintin's aid on many occasions.

There was Captain Haddock who accompanied Tintin on his many expeditions. Captain Haddock had a hot temper and drank like a fish. One of his favourite expressions when he was angry was "Billions of blue blistering barnacles!"

There was Professor Calculus, the absent-minded and hard of hearing professor. Having a conversation with him is an experience not to be missed. You wonder how he ever got to become a professor.

The Thompson Twins, the bungling detectives, were present in every crime scene. The, thick as two short planks, duo were more a hindrance than a help. "To be precise" they were hilarious.

Years ago, I had a boyfriend who looked like Tintin; well, he wasn't as short as Tintin but he had a similar hairstyle. Alas, it was only a whirlwind romance.

Anyway, my new quest is to read all the Tintin books. It will be interesting to see them from a new light. So next time I pay a visit to the library or the bookshop you'll know what section to find me. I don't know why they categorise these books as children's books anyway, I reckon they're fun for everyone.

Tintin fan, Enocia

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