Thursday, January 11, 2007


When I woke up this morning I could hear the wind howling outside. It was still windy when I left. During my walk, I stopped to have a chat with a neighbour. I asked her how she was. She said she was tired and the wind wasn't helping matters. I wished her a good day.

While it was very windy, I saw the wind as a manifestation of playfulness, which I believe to be one of God's attributes. Playfulness is all around me. I watched two squirrels frolicking around the trees. Trees swayed in the wind and the leaves shivered in response. Dried leaves and plastic bags twirled on the ground like ballet dancers. A sudden gust of wind pushed me forward. "Tone it down, will you?" I said to the wind. A gentle breeze stroked my cheeks and the wind eased off for a while and then it was back with full force. I let the wind walk me to my destination.

People talk about the power of mother nature. The popular perception of mother nature is that she is either to be feared or revered. What kind of "mother" would harm her kids by causing mayhem and destruction? As I see it, we are not separate from mother nature, we are one with mother nature. What if "mother nature" simply wants to play but because we see ourselves as separate from mother nature, we read her intention as attack; and what you believe is what you end up experiencing.

How can hurricane be playfulness when it kills people?

OK, let's look at it another way. Isn't role play another aspect of playfulness? What if storms and hurricanes are the equivalent of the universe having a mock fight?

Most of us have been involved in one mock fight or another whether it's been in the form of pillow fights or sparring with a friend. Kids love having mock fights like cowboys and Indians and superheroes. There are thousands of mock fights available as computer games. There are even websites designed for the purpose of having mock fights. I've had mock feuds with friends on the Web.

For actors, mock fights are their livelihood. It must be wonderful to go to work and have mock battles and pretend to be dead. When the director says "that's a wrap" or the equivalent, the dead arise and find new roles to play. StarTrek is full of mock battles and the crew always win, of course. A few years ago there was a Star Trek Exhibition at Hyde Park which I attended. While I was at the exhibition I felt the same awe some people experience when they are in a sacred space or meeting someone they admire. It was wonderful exploring the many different aliens there are. It was awesome flying into deep space in the ship simulation. It was fantastic being in the "turbo lifts." Entering the Bridge, where the captain and first officers usually carry out their battle strategies, was like entering a holy shrine. We are not worthy! It didn't matter to me that I didn't meet any of the actors; I was/am more interested in the characters and stories than the actual actors.

To recap, what I consider to be nature is not something that's separate from me. We are one. Nature cannot fight itself but it can certainly give the impression that it is having a fight, which is only a mock fight anyway, and not to be taken seriously.

The other night I watched a documentary about people who have been involved in serious accidents and survived. They listed them in order of seriousness, as they do. In one accident a man was filming his friend snowboarding. Suddenly, there was an avalanche and the snowboarder was completely covered. After a while his friend dug himself out and continued snowboarding down the mountain.

For me it was as if the avalanche was saying "Let's all snowboard!" Although they didn't interview the snowboarder it would have been interesting to know what his inner state was at the time, whether he was afraid or calm.

I believe the earth is a simulation designed for us to express God's attribute of playfulness. God is playing all the roles. The only problem is when you forget there is only one player, you start taking things seriously. Instead of pretending to be angry with a loved one, you're angry for real. Instead of seeing the wind as having fun, you see it as attacking you. Instead of seeing animals as playful, you see them as creatures to be feared. Because you're seeing the simulation as real, the world is now perceived as a real battle zone and all hell breaks lose. Then people end up killing one another for real, or so it would seem. At the end of that battle the dead arise and realise they're not dead after all, they've simply entered another simulation.

All is playfulness.
I am playfulness.


"Playfulness" fractal designed by Ben Gilberti

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