Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Practical Spirituality

"Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? [...]

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." James 2: 19-20; 26
You can have all the intellectual knowledge about love but without being able to demonstrate love in action, it means nothing.

I've always been interested in the genre, "writing from experience." I had dreams of becoming a writer of that genre but somehow I wasn't always inspired; the ideas came in fits and starts. I also felt like I was trying to fit into a mould that simply wasn't me, which part of me was rebelling against. When I realised my identity as spirit, writers' block became a thing of the past. I realised inspiration was everywhere.

For a while I didn't write anything. I simply observed nature. I would go for long walks and let nature reveal its secrets. A walk in the park was a journey of self-discovery; it was just magic. I was able to see love in all things. When I started writing again, I reinvented "writing from experience", which is writing about my experience of God's presence in all things. That is what practical spirituality means for me.

At first, I searched for like-minds on the Internet to share practical spirituality, God/Love in all things, with. Most of the spiritual forums were of people studying a particular spiritual teacher or teaching, discussing the ideas from the teacher/teaching, and sharing how they are applying these teachings in their lives. As I wasn't attached to any particular teaching, doctrine, or discipline, I found my vision didn't quite match these forums. I was interested in the basic principle of love in action. I soon discovered a website called power to share whose vision matched mine:

"The subject of this site is practical spirituality, not as taught by any master, church, or special school of thought, but just as I'm learning it – like you. If either of us would have finished with the joy of learning or realized complete clarity, we wouldn't be sharing this experience, better known as the world.

"What arises or comes through, should be shared now. We have to communicate as independent students of our own way. I am the teaching of what I have to learn. I can only demonstrate what I am. What I do not accept for myself, won't consciously exist in the world, so it remains separated from its source, which means suffering. What I accept wholeheartedly, however, will exist in and way beyond it, because the world – this experience we create together – is not a closed universe.

"We don't need special instruction. We only need joyful moments of recognizing and remembering, which playful learning actually is. Our knowing soul can take it from there and she won't be hindered by the distortions that every translation of inner truth involves." power to share
Here was a website where you can share from whatever perspective you're coming from without anyone thinking you're not being faithful to a teaching. And the most important thing is instead of intellectualising about an idea, writers are sharing how they are applying whatever ideas they believe in to their lives.

While I have set up other personal blogs I will always support power to share because I love Stan's vision of practical spirituality. As I see it, realising one's nature as spirit is not about waiting for a time in the future when you will become awake; awakening is occurring in every moment you are aware of love's presence.

Thank you Stan for holding the vision and persisting with it. Your vision has attracted like-minds to share the vision with you.

Thank you Susan for your support.

Thank you to all the wonderful writers who are freely giving what they are freely receiving.

Thank you to all the readers.

Thank you God for being our source of inspiration.

With love,

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