Monday, January 15, 2007

Light Season

At the local shop I saw a man with a t-shirt on.

"Look at you," I said to him, "anyone would think it was mid-summer the way you're dressed."
"It's very mild outside," he said.
"Yes, it is."
"Look at you," he pointed to my jacket, "anyone would think you were in the Arctics."

That made me giggle. He was right, I had way too many layers for the weather. When I went home I swapped the thick jumper for a thinner one but I still kept my jacket and scarf just in case.

What's going on? Why are we having such a mild winter? Is this due to "global warming" as the experts tell us?

This is how I see it. Light is the substance of all there is including all the climates. As you wake up to the truth of Light as the only Cause, the weather is going to take on the attributes of the unchanging Light. We should therefore expect constant temperatures to reflect the ever constant Light.

But it's good to have changing of the seasons, you cry! Autumn can be beautiful with all the changing colours. Who is to say we still won't have the changing colours without having to experience extremes of temperature?

As for those who love snow, who is to say the Light will not manifest as snow in some regions but without the extremes of temperature?

Of course there are some industries like the fashion industry and energy companies that want us to experience seasonal changes. Well, they will just have to adapt like everyone, won't they?

All is Light.
Light is summer, autumn, winter and spring.


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