Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Throwing a Wobbly

As I was waiting for a bus, I noticed a woman and her young daughter. The girl was pushing a toy buggy (push chair). For whatever reason, the girl was, as we say in the UK, throwing a wobbly (very angry). I thought to myself "Awww, the Light is throwing a wobbly! How sweet!"

In fact, Light is all there is. I looked around the bus station. I observed Light beings playing their roles as commuters waiting for their buses.

Another girl, who had been standing close by with her mother, started chatting to the girl with the buggy. They soon made friends. They chatted about the toy buggy and playing "mummies and daddies." Soon the bus arrived and the girl with the buggy and her mother said goodbye and ran to catch their bus.

Hey, you, throwing a wobbly! I know who you are. You are Light.
All is Light.


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