Saturday, January 13, 2007

Transformed By the Light

"And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God." Luke 18: 19
Have you ever heard of the sun discriminating because of race, religion or creed? The sun doesn't think, "I'm not going to shine on you because you're not a good person." The sun shines on everyone regardless of belief. Like the sun, God is "no respecter of persons."

Do you think someone is immoral for going to see some lap dancers at a strip club? Do you think it's wrong for people to get rat-arsed (drunk) at a pub? Given that God is already present in the strip bar and in the pub, God must be very immoral indeed. Having said that, it could be me being thick here; for all I know there is a new definition for "omnipresence" which is "present in some places and not in others." Based on this revised definition, God may very well be absent in strip clubs. I prefer to stick with the traditional definition of omnipresence as in "present everywhere at the same time." God is, therefore, present in all places including temples, churches, pubs and in strip bars.

My point is Light is in all forms including what we consider to be right and wrong or good and evil. The moment you try to get rid of something because you consider it evil, you're trapped in the duality dream that has nothing to do with God.

Surely sickness is evil? It can't be God's will for us to suffer from diseases.

Remember God is everywhere present including what people appear to be suffering from. Instead of trying to get rid of the condition because you believe it is evil, why not seek to experience God's presence? Only then will you know what God's will is.

Last night I felt the urge to cough. Mum says when I cough I wake her up. She doesn't even like me coughing around her during the day because she says my cough is so loud it startles her. The more I tried to suppress the cough the more it wanted to come out. I asked the Light present in me to transform the cough into Light cough. The urge to cough instantly left me and I was a lot lighter for it.

My job is not to judge situations or conditions as right or wrong and try to get rid of them but to simply yield whatever it is to be transformed by the Light that I am. Whatever it is then takes on the attributes of the Light i.e. boundlessness, freedom, peace, love, joy, beauty, power, wisdom etc. As to how that which has been transformed is made manifest? Watch this God space.

In Light.


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