Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is Learning?

I've heard it said that the earth is a school to learn many lessons. Well, I don't subscribe to that idea. As I see it, God is all there is. Why would God, the Omniscient One, need to learn any lessons? I believe, however, that I'm here for a different kind of learning: to explore all that God is being.

The above photo from Matthew Cromer's Gallery is called Canyon Dusk Silhouette, Shoshone Point, Grand Canyon NP. The tree in the foreground appears to be touching the sky and the canyon. This photograph represents the All There Is. There is no thought of separation, nor is there any need to know. All is one; all is known.

What if I had a desire to explore the canyon or to hug the tree? This desire gives rise to the reality of space. It is space that enables me to experience the tree and the canyon, just like the space on my hands enables me to experience having ten fingers.

There are times when I simply enjoy being one with all, and there are times when I have a desire to explore what it means to be.

Learning is a tool I use to experience the All There Is.


Thank you Matthew for your wonderful gifts of learning.